Hi there! This is me...
A 25 year old just bumbling through life. I love make up, and nail polish and all things cosmetics but unlike this picture, I don't always look this well presented... In fact, most of the time I will have no make up and my hair in a pony tail! Haha.

 I'm very lucky to be in an amazing relationship with a guy that sweeps me off my feet almost every day. This is Martin:
He makes me smile. A lot. I'm still very much in love with this man and our little family :) He has two little girls, and I will refer to them on the blog as H and L. H is 6 and L is 4. You probably won't see them much on here, but I'm sure you'll certainly hear about them in a post or two... Trust me when I say they're HILARIOUS.

 This blog will be ramblings of all things beauty with a little bit of my life and travels thrown in for good measure. I'm not entirely sure where this will take me, but I really enjoy writing and need somewhere to write down all my beauty musings! Hopefully you'll be with me to share my journey, my way.

 Love Sophie x

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