Tuesday, 3 May 2016

April Recap and May Goals

Hey, so seriously, where the hell did the last month go? Yeah, I have no idea either. Anyway, it's time to see whether I achieved any of my little goals from last week and I think it might just be a good one ;) 

  1. Start to get out of my overdraft - I'm not totally out of it, but I am a little! YAY. 
  2. Sell some unwanted things - I put a load of stuff on Gumtree last month, but I didnt really keep on top of that! Boo. 
  3. Complete and pass three modules of my diploma - Literally haven't even opened my books! ARGH. 
  4. Try to worry less - Since I've come off my anxiety medication, I have actually found I'm much more chilled out. I'm an emotional mess most of the time, but hey, we can't have it all!
  5. Upload new blog content twice a week - I didn't manage this really! I did upload more than the previous month though, so we're on the right track. 
  6. Do a fashion related post - View that post here!
  7. Visit somewhere new - This happened BIG TIME!! We decided to take a last minute break to Crete in Greece, which was amazing and then this weekend we went to Ryde on the Isle of Wight... Seriously, that place is so cute. 
  8. Regrow my nails - When I was in Crete I got shellac done, which I never really do but it's really help with the nail growth! haha.
So, 5 out of eight isn't too bad is it?! 
  1. No more new things! - Ok, so this is a bit of a funny one because I have already bought a new skirt and a dress BUT they were needed so I won't buy anything else for me this month!
  2. Take the kids somewhere new - Last month WE went somewhere new, but I'd like to take the kids somewhere different. We only have them twice a week so I want to start making the most of our time together now the weather is getting nicer.
  3. Lose weight - This is going to be a difficult one cos I don't own a pair of scales, but I'm really making a conscious effort to eat healthier and have smaller portions! When I was on holiday I wasn't happy with how I looked in a bikini and that needs to change!
  4. Finish a book - On holiday (promise I'll stop soon!) I read 3 books and was half way through my 4th by the time we landed. I really want to read the rest of that because I don't read enough when I'm at home.
  5. Increase blog followers/traffic - No idea if this will work, but I need to work harder at promoting my blog as my blog following has been static for about a month or so which is quite disheartening.
  6. Go Running - I've said this before, but I used to go running three times a week and loved it. Then I got sick and stopped going. I really want to start up again!
  7. Get our House finished -  If you've followed me on instagram (@sophie_louise90) or Twitter then you'd know we had our kitchen done towards the end of March/beginning of April but there is still more stuff to do, like glossing and we have to repaint the hallway etc and it's so boring I have no motivation to do it, but I also hate living in a part finished house, y'know?! 

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